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Final design completes lower west side

Vicki Holder from DesignDaily writes about the impressive Building 6 at Rhubarb Lane by Peddle Thorpe Architects.

The final building in Auckland’s six Rhubard Lane group is the aptly named No. 6 Rhubarb Lane, by Peddle Thorp Architects.

Rhubarb Lane Building 6

No. 6 Rhubarb Lane by Peddle Thorpe Architects actually straddles the laneway itself.

It contains 15 aPods sized between 170 – 506m2 and much of its framework is inspired by New York loft-style apartments in the celebrated Soho district. Modern interpretations of warehouse spaces use raw materials like polished metal surfaces and exposed concrete.

A feature particularly unique to this building is the innovative “Living Bridge” that will straddle the lane, connecting the two sides of the laneway and making for impressive views over the bustling activity below. One of Peddle Thorp’s directors, Richard Goldie says “with the adjacent 90 degree angles and large amount of glass used, privacy has been carefully managed while retaining excellent natural light flow.”

To see the full article, see: http://designdaily.co.nz/blog/2010/11/final-design-completes-lower-west-side

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