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DHL Express Fashion Export Scholarship Awarded to ‘I Love Ugly’

DHL Express Export Scholarship Event at Libertine

A video montage of the event

The annual DHL Express Fashion Export Scholarship has been announced, with New Zealand fashion label I Love Ugly taking top prize.  The award, created in conjunction with FINZ, will see them receive $10 000 to go towards achieving international growth.

The annual awards night was held at Libertine in Freemans Bay, the perfect venue with its historic character and modern industrial look.

With three fantastic finalists I Love Ugly, Ingrid Starnes and Kowtow, the final decision was made very hard for the judges.

Judging came from a range of exporting and fashion leaders and included Kate Sylvester, Erica Crawford, Carolyn Enting, Megan Wildermoth and Paul Blomfield.

Iconic fashion designer and scholarship judge Kate Sylvester said “I Love Ugly has a great vision. They know exactly what they want and what they have to do to achieve it. It’s an aspirational brand that appeals to young consumers as well as the 35-40year olds. My teenage sons are big fans of theirs.”


Check it out here http://vimeo.com/53478965

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