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Armageddon Expo in Review – on Thread

Closet geek Anya Brighouse from thread.co.nz posted a brilliant review of Armageddon Expo, held over Labour Weekend in Auckland. Read on…

Armageddon in Auckland

A Dalek poses with a visitor at Armageddon Expo, Auckland

A Dalek poses with a visitor at Armageddon Expo, Auckland

I have always loved science fiction and I am very happy to put my hand up to being a card-carrying fan of Star Trek and all its various guises. I have watched every series ever made, from the original series (there were only ever approximately 79 episodes made over three seasons) to the animated one (who remembers that?) to all the various spin-offs of which there are at least four.

I also love animated films and will watch almost anything as long as it isn’t crap. I also loved the original series of Dr Who – I spent many evenings as a 10 year old hiding behind the sofa half watching the scary bits (generally when the daleks arrived). I loved its slightly camp cheesy-ness, and the fact that you just knew it was all made up because you could tell the cybermen just had tinfoil over them, and the daleks only seemed to appear on flat surfaces as their crappy wheels wouldn’t let them go up hills.

Somehow I appear to have passed on this love of these things to my children.

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